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The requirements of becoming a Helpa

  • Trustworthy and reliable
  • Passionate about child care
  • Hong Kong permanent resident
  • Experience in child care or have children of your own

Note: Anyone who provides child care service to 6 or more children is required to apply for registration in accordance to the Child Care Services Ordinance (see FAQs for details)

See which role suits you best:

Daycare Home

Stay-at-home moms who help take care of other children at their own homes.

  • Your home is safe, clean and child-friendly
  • Your location is easily accessible
  • You have experience in child care or have children of your own


Babysitters who travel to take care of other families' children

  • You are passionate about child care
  • You are happy to go to other families' homes
  • You have experience in child care or have children of your own

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Free of charge

Built on trust and caring

Supported by a strong community

We aim to unlock the power of community and help parents by providing better child care options

Developed and supported by POPA Channel

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Dear parents, please stay tuned...

HELPA was launched on 4 July. We are now busy recruiting child care providers ("Helpa"). So dear parents, please bear with us for a few weeks. You will be able to sign up and find child care on HELPA very soon. Should you want to receive notification, please leave us your email address. Thank you!